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Beyond (2011)

BeyondBEYOND is an interesting, rather entertaining, hybrid; part police procedural mystery and part supernatural thriller. If it has a problem, it's that the filmmakers are not quite sure which one they want it to be.

Filmed in Anchorage, Alaska, the film stars Jon Voight as a "take no prisoners" veteran detective, who specializes in cases involving missing children. When the seven-year-old niece of his boss (Dermot Mulroney) is kidnapped, Voight starts working the case, but soon finds himself bothered when the girl's mother (Teri Polo) enlists the help of a radio psychic (Julian Morris), who claims that a "ghost" is putting him into contact with the lost child.

The actors are good, and Greg Gieras' script has a couple of intriguing twists that raise this film a step above other movies of the genre. Director Josef Rusnak keeps the action moving along at a nice pace, taking full advantage of the breathtaking Alaskan scenery. I just wish that, in post-production, he and the editor hadn't added so many "BOOMS" to the sound track.

"BOOMS" are effective in a horror movie when a filmmaker want s to underscore a scary moment, to get viewers to "jump in their seats". But, this sound effect is so overused in BEYOND, which is not really a horror movie, that it becomes annoying.

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I had watched THE GREY the night before, which took place in a brutal Alaskan wilderness. BEYOND is likewise set in Alaska, this time in a snowy, bleak Anchorage. The storyline focuses on a seasoned, soon to retire detective (Jon Voight) investigating the kidnapping of his boss' 7 yr old niece. Things take a bizarre turn when a young tv psychic (Julian Morris) offers his assistance, an offer Voight refuses but the victim's mother (Teri Polo) embraces.

Voight and Morris do well, their love/hate relationship played out convincingly. Polo seems unimpassioned in a low-key performance, while Dermot Mulroney (also in THE GREY) seems miscast as Voight's chief.

Despite its predictability and derivative plotline, BEYOND is an interesting and gripping film, boosted by Voight's tenacity and commitment.

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A seven year old child was kidnapped from her own bedroom in her home. The Police Detective hired for the case is an expert on child abduction, and does a full-investigation under routine procedure. He finds out that a radio psychic claims that visions of the Missing child keep appearing. This is a supernatural thriller and mystery combined. Do they find the little girl, and who kidnapped her? The suspenseful story is scary and entertaining from start to finish, and acting performance is Superb. Highly Recommended for mystery, thriller, and supernatural lovers!

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It's hard to pull off a good supernatural thriller these days. Every possible angle has already been exploited hundreds of times. All you can hope for as a writer or director of this type of film is that your story is compelling and endearing enough to keep the audience's attention for 90 minutes to two hours. Filmmakers have to hope that the one or two "twist" or "surprise" endings they decide to utilize out of the five dozen already used will fit convincingly with the rest of the tale.

All that being said, "Beyond" has an uphill battle to fight from the very beginning. Add to the struggle the extremely unoriginal title of the film and you have something most consumers and renters will walk by without even giving a second glance. Although it isn't anything new, the movie does hold its own and delivers a little intrigue and entertainment.

The Blu-ray release of "Beyond" isn't going to make anyone want to rush out and scoop it up in the stores right away. It's one of those movies you either rent from Redbox or buy while digging through the $5 DVD box at Walmart on a Saturday afternoon. If you're a fan of supernatural / psychological thrillers, this does hold up better than your typical Lifetime made-for-TV movie.

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I live in Alaska where this movie was filmed in its entirety during November/December, 2010. Jon Voight is a two-time Oscar winner and great he has proven time and time again. His supporting cast here is terrific! Brett Baker, who plays Jon's homicide detective partner, is the BEST!! Believable in his role, very good acting, nice to look at and we should see more of him!! Following Jon and Brett Baker were Teri Polo, Julian Morris, Dermot Mulroney and others who portrayed their characters well. The story is a wee bit hard to follow but the scenery shots of Alaska are spectacular!!

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